‘Eat your greens…’

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Hi guys!

This post I’m going to chat to you about leafy green veggies, and why it’s a great idea to eat your greens. I know that certain veggies get a lot of good press for being super-nutritious, but one of the things I’d like to get across here is that there are many, many veggies out there which are all fantastic sources of vitamins and minerals. So, here’s the low down on a few of my favourite green leaves!


Currently growing in abundance in my Dad’s allotment is kale: big, green, leafy and increasingly fashionable. In fact, kale can be grown here in Britain almost year-round, so it’s a good veggie if you want to cut down on air miles and support your local farmers (or even save some pennies and grow your own).

Kale is a member of the brassica family (think cabbages and brussel sprouts), and there a few different types ranging from curly kale often seen at the supermarket, to ‘dinosaur’ kale with flatter, taller leaves and even bright purple kale (otherwise known as Redbor kale).

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You’re probably already aware that it packs a nutritional punch. Here’s the score:Read More »