A warm welcome


My name is Daisy, and you’re reading my first ever blog post.

I have decided to start blogging firstly as a way to become more socially active within the Nutrition & Dietetics online community and hopefully learning a lot on the way- so please, if you’re a Dietitian, Nutritionist, foodie or simply interested, please go ahead and introduce yourself!

I’m also hoping that this blog will evolve into a place where I can share helpful nutritional advice, reviews and recipes with anybody out there who wants to get a little more clued-up about their diet and health. I’m an advocate for maintaining a smidgen of healthy skepticism and thoroughly believe that if somebody is searching for answers, they should have access to balanced, scientifically-sound information as opposed to sensationalised headlines which serve only to confuse.

As for me, I am 23 years old. I graduated with a first class BSc in Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University in 2014 before working full-time in the Dietetic Department of a large, acute NHS trust in the area. I am passionate about promoting healthy relationships with food and have a keen interest in the interaction of diet and disease. I will begin studying for my MSc in Dietetics in September, after which I will be able to register as a HCPC qualified Dietitian.

For me, nutrition matters. From the moment we are born to 80-years-young, our diets are important. Of course, nutrition is important to maintain good health, but also as a means to alleviate poor health and promote recovery. It’s important to realise that good nutrition means different things for different people- and a ‘healthy diet’ is not one-size-fits-all. So let’s look after ourselves, make better choices, and get excited about nourishing our bodies.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon,



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